Day 2


After a pleasant and restful night at the home of our friends Jay and Suzanne in Ft. Collins, CO, where we were treated to a fine meal, great conversation, and clean sheets, we set out on the second leg of our journey. Our hope was to make it to Boise, a 12-hour drive. By the time we got to Laramie, WY, it was clear we would likely fall short. I-80 was closed from Laramie to the west for a considerable distance because of high winds and overturned semis. We made the best of it, whiling away a few hours exploring historic downtown Laramie, where we found a nice used bookstore with clean bathrooms and tasty baked goods. After getting back on the road, we eagerly anticipated a stop at the Little America truckstop in the town of Little America, WY. Along the way signs for the truckstop, which opened in 1934, taunted us with promises of 17 marble showers and 50-cent ice cream cones. We had high hopes for Little America. They were not met. Not even close. The place looked like one of those high-end strip malls built in an architectural style best characterized as suburban Presbyterian and found wherever white folks with surplus time and money congregate. White paint, cupolas, and the like. The merchandise was every bit as soulless as the container. We made it to Twin Falls, ID, where we are tucked in for the night.

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